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Sticker bomb as a graffiti and airbrushing movement originated in the late 80-ies of the last century on the streets of the huge New York city, the streets of which were full of lookalike cars. Car owners began to fix stickers on the hood, doors, roof and trunk to give their car a new look. And they managed to achieve it. Cars looked in a new fashion with these big stickers.

Some time later, sticker bomb has spread to Japan, where the drift cult formed. Street racers wanted to decorate their racing cars with stickers to make them recognizable from afar, when the car just drives up to a crowd of fans of such racing competition. Drift has become the most massive racing show in Japan. Thousands of young people gather for illegal drift races on the streets of the Japanese capital. Each of them wants to stand out in their car. That's why they decorate their cars with stickers.

This sticker bomb vector layout kit is ready for printing, you can download it for free.
Print it on self-adhesive film and fix on any surface, such as: laptop covers, auto body parts, etc.)

size 100x40cm(cdr,eps)

size 100x40cm(cdr,eps)

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